Crisis Leadership

Part of the Mettle group of companies, Mettle Crisis Leaders is a specialist crisis and emergency management, business continuity management and risk consultancy.  Founded in 2001, Crisis Leaders continues to deliver services to 100 companies in 20 countries each year, across the Americas, UK and Europe, Africa and Australasia.

The art of business Crisis Leadership lies in being able not only to contain and eliminate crises as they occur, but to progress past these to a position of commercial and reputational advantage.

The best companies recognise that planning to learn and transform from crises is key to sustained corporate survival and commercial superiority.  Having the competence to return situations to normal is not enough; at Mettle we deliver the organisational resilience required to prepare for, adapt to and evolve from crisis.  


Enabling Business Resilience

Formerly known as Truscott Crisis Leaders, Mettle  Crisis Leaders focuses on  instituting sound preparatory measures ahead of critical incidents, and includes development and review of plans, and the conduct of training, workshops and exercises / simulations. 

A Proven Method

We are focused on enabling the development and implementation of strategies and effective executive leadership under pressure

Global Perspective and Local Relevance

From Boardrooms to Control Rooms; across 100 countries in 17 years

Actionable Tools

Our methodologies and tools are highly applied; we believe that, to be useful, Emergency Management protocols must be lean and workable - not dense, indecipherable 'shelfware'

Thought Leaders

Leveraging our deep experience and global exposure, we represent world's best practice in preparing leadership for the unexpected, including through workshops and crisis simulations  


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